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Help A Sister Rise!


verb /ˈrīziNG/ : To get up from one’s sleep; to return from death; depicted as wings open as if preparing for flight.

through people, causes rising

Human trafficking and addiction are forms of modern day slavery that steal, kill, and destroy lives. They are industries whose profits are in the hundreds of billions of dollars.


They leave thousands of women in their wake who need healing and restoration, who need hope and a future, love and rising!


Women survivors overcome and rise again, but not without you, the community.


“SOAR came into my life when I felt lost, guilty, unloved and unwanted. With SOAR I feel freedom from my past, the love of God, and a community that I can finally call family.

- Ashley

“SOAR has impacted my life greatly. This organization has allowed me to meet the most amazing and loving women. I have evolved over the years of my incarceration but it was not until I met my friends at SOAR that I saw the walls come down in my heart.”

- Corrine

“A lot of people did a lot of bad things, and it is going to take a lot of people coming in, to make a difference.”

- Aimee

Danielle First Day Home.jpg

Survivors work hard to get back up again, as they regain their identity, and prepare to ‘take flight’, they need the love and support of people, people like you.


We have set a goal of one hundred new Healing and Freedom Partners, by the end of the year 2021, and we would love to have you as one of those partners on the path of healing and rising for survivors, with us!


$19 per month will directly impact the daily needs, healing, and restoration of a woman in our community.  Providing a home for two years for free, counseling, education, safety, financial literacy, recovery support, employment, and individualized care plans for growth and sustainability.

"Because of Soar, I have been given a second chance. Because of Soar I learned who God was and how precious and beloved I am to Him, and I'll never be the same because of that. Because of Soar I have a safe and structured home to go home to. I will also have food and clothes on my back, which may not seem much, but is absolutely imperative. More than all these things, though, Soar has given me the most essential things: love and support."

- Danielle

Love, through people, causes rising. You will Help A Sister Rise because your $19 dollar donation not only provides housing, counseling, education, food, employment, and a way to sustainability. It speaks love to women who need to know it still exists, and that it won’t cost them something of themselves.


Thank you in advance for your love and support of women survivors, and for helping a sister soar, again!

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